Hungry the Mouse Who Ate His House

“Hungry the mouse goes through a real dilemma . . . His house is made of cheese and he cannot resist the temptation to nibble. Soon he has no house to live in. After much pondering, the answer came . . . to build a better house! The moral of this children’s story is: we can learn from our mistakes and press on to find the solution to any problem. The rainbow represents the hope we have daily for a new beginning.”

Hungry, The Mouse Who Ate His House is a charming storybook authored by Susan Kay Wheeler. Her idea for a little mouse voraciously consuming his own home was conceived long ago, but it was only recently that her childhood poem came to be the subject of a children’s picture book. This project allowed me to dive deep into the world of storybook illustration and imaginatively explore the development from start to finish. The result? A wonderful little tale is told about a little mouse that bit off more than he could chew and found a hard to swallow moral lesson in the process.