Getting Started

Take a look at the sections below to get a detailed overview of the design process. Every project is a little different, but in general the path to your new design will follow the steps below.

This is essentially a meeting before the project begins to discuss the desired outcome and scope of the project. At this stage we look at various design inspirations to get a feel of what things your brand needs. After the meeting I’ll generate a project brief and a quote. The project brief will outline a short project mission statement and the items to be accomplished. There is no obligation at this point. You’ll have an opportunity to review and approve the project brief and quote before any actual design work commences. If the project brief and quote is approved a partial payment for the project is due before the next stage begins.
Here is where we dive head first into the design. Ideas will be generated using the project brief as a guide along with any additional insights that you provide. At this stage I will develop a design plan to present to you. The presentation will only include the strongest concept(s). The presented concept(s) will be finished enough to clearly express the main direction, but still flexible enough for alteration (e.g. sketches, design drafts, preliminary computer rendering, etc.). During the presentation we will dialogue about whether revisions or alterations to the presented concept(s) will be necessary. Note: If there is a large number of revisions and alterations, or unforeseen additions to the project, it may be necessary to revise the original scope of the project and recalculate the quote accordingly.
This phase is the actual execution of the agreed upon design direction. This is where the magic happens! All designs and concepts are made solid and print ready. No further revisions or alterations to the overall design can occur at this stage, but minor edits may be possible depending on the design item.
All design work is presented to you for final approval. After final approval the remaining balance is due for the project. Upon payment the print/web ready design files will be given to you in your desired format(s). If printing is required for the project (e.g. business cards, flyers, brochures, signage, etc.) we can go ahead and place the order using the approved design unless other arrangements for printing are made. Costs for any printing and shipping, if required, is covered by the client. Arrangements may vary for this process depending on the project.

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