The country of Uganda lies at the heart of  Africa, caught in the crossfire of war, corruption, AIDS, and poverty, it epitomizes the western conception of sub-Saharan struggle. Yet it also represents something else quintessentially African–hope. Uganda is rising. Through rugged tenacity the nation is facing its challenges and winning.

However, there is still a long way to go. This painting was done as part of a collaborative art auction to benefit the Bonga Media Group. Essential to every fundraising project is a well represented advertising campaign. Typically this is done by western media organizations who visit Africa, collect their footage, and produce commercials. Helpful, but there’s a better way. Enter Bonga Media. Bonga is an organization created to help Ugandans tell their own story. By supplying media tools and technical education directly to the people of Uganda Bonga connects Africa with the rest of the globe allowing the ingenuity and perseverance of  bright young minds to make an impact not just in their home country, but throughout the world.