“Over two thousand years ago, in a vanished world in which gallant death and honor still holds sway, Gaius Julius Caesar is blitzing through Briton’s fierce, blue-painted warlords, exacting a heavy price in exchange for peace. News from Rome and word of rebellion in war-ravaged Gaul cut short Caesar’s invasion of Briton, leaving him little choice but to return to the mainland. Leaving for Gaul, Caesar entrusts a depleted legion to Cussius Caesar, and senior centurion, Marcus Rulus. With orders to further explore Briton and return to Gaul with the tribute, Marcus and Cussius find themselves in a remarkable quest to carve a future out of the land. “A Roman Peace in Briton” follows the lives of those left behind whose fates become bound to the people of the fabled, fog-bound lands of ancient Briton. Filled with dramatic scenes and abounding in fictional and historical personalities, “A Roman Peace in Briton” hooks with passionate storytelling and engulfs the reader in events of historical legend.”

. . . Now that’s an epic read! Joe Tacket is a brilliant author and was a real delight to work with on this project. This illustration required quite a bit of research in order to accurately render the elements of the cover drawing. However, this was a non-issue for me since I find history and archeology to be very engaging subjects.

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