Church on the North Coast LoveTheater presents


A modern story of God’s grace and unconditional love.

“This staged production unfolds thru compelling drama, original music, video and dance; exclusively portrayed by CNC’s talented pool of 30+ multi-cultural and multi-generational artists and production team members from both CNC campuses.”

Church on the North Coast is a non-denominational house of worship in the city of Lorain, Ohio. In addition to being my home church I had the privilege of working on staff there for several years as a Media Specialist. CNC is always cooking up something and during my time there I got to be part of many awesome projects. One such project was an original theatrical production. My involvement in the production came in the form of promotional materials such as the poster here and the sneak-peek video above. The goal was to capture the journalistic theme of the production, which is a retelling of the gospel’s post resurrection narrative from the perspective of modern news reporting. In a sense, the play captures the reaction of people today if they were to encounter the same miracle.

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