Great design is that which is as beautiful as it is functional. But it is certainly possible to replace the word “beautiful” with creative, comical, unique, inspiring, clever or any other adjective you desire. The key thing is that a good design works. It accomplishes an aesthetic goal as well as a functional goal. Ever buy a device that you thought looked cool, but it didn’t work? Yeah, so have I. Some may argue that the only requirement for good design is that it works well, but by that definition a brick is an excellent nut cracker (actually they really do work well; try it if you don’t believe me). Unfortunately, the humble brick’s lack of elegance keeps it from being marketed in large scale department stores as the supreme nut cracker, so clearly style is a key component of a marketable design. I know that was a really flawed analogy, but it was fun while it lasted. The point being, if something works really well, but isn’t represented equally well, no one will want it.

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