About Jordan

This is who I am.

Jordan with Broken Window

Jordan Ladikos

How early in life can one know what they were born for? I’m not sure. All I know is that ever since I could physically hold a writing instrument I made pictures with it (eventually I learned to write too!). Fast forward a couple of decades and here I am, still creating, still making pictures. The only difference is now it’s called a career. Over the years I’ve learned to adopt a chameleonic approach to the artistic realm. Sometimes my work is very conventional and sometimes it is very, um, not conventional? It all depends on the project and what the desired outcome is. Feel free to look through my eclectic portfolio and you’ll see what I mean.

Currently I reside in the amazing port city of Lorain, Ohio. Located on the shore of the least of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie (it has a greater surface area than Lake Ontario, but alas, it holds less water). Yes, it is kind of dreary and cold here for a large part of the year, but that’s not the whole story. Lorain generally lacks dangers like earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, avalanches, tidal waves, etc. And yet, there is much in the way of beauty here: four seasons, temperate forest, and the great expanse of an inland sea. Not to mention a rich history and culture of industrial innovation. Not sure how my “About” page turned into a travel agency advertisement, but this is where I live. If you live nearby perhaps you’d like to involve me in a project of yours? If you like what you see, but do not live nearby, well, worry not! The web makes it possible for me to work with anyone in the Nation (or the World for that matter). Great work only happens with a collaborative effort—together we shall create!

What do you do?

My design experience covers pretty much every modern and traditional printed medium, including (but not limited to) logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, post cards, posters, storybook illustration, novel covers, greeting cards, album art, etc. On occasion I do help people setup websites and create web specific graphics, but my primary specialties are within the printed world. If you have an idea for an item that doesn’t fit into an above category, no worries, more than likely I’ll be able to help. Out of the ordinary design challenges are something to look forward to! But if for some reason it is beyond my area of expertise I may just be able to direct you toward someone familiar with the subject, so drop me a line anyway.

How much do you charge?

Because the nature of design work varies quite a bit between projects I don’t have one-size-fits-all prices listed here, but if you contact me with a quote request I’ll be sure to send you an estimate. For design work such as logos I generally determine an overall price depending on the complexity of described requirements. For illustration work, if it’s multipage, such as a storybook, I charge by a page rate, again depending on the complexity of the project. For work that exceeds the scope of a project’s original description, I will transition to an hourly rate.

  • His work speaks for itself, and I really don’t think any recommendation can do better. Jordan is one of the most talented and enlightened individuals that I have the privilege to call friend.

    Tristan Rader, Executive Director of Bonga Media
  • A genius in his field! Relevant and accurate to the culture!

    Troy Thompson, Church on the North Coast
  • He is talented beyond his years and dedicated to unique purposeful services within the design field. He is a reliable and passionate designer that I am glad to work with anytime.

    Callie N. King